Mizan Car Part design, develop and manufacture various kind of parts that support automotive industry based on high potential, standard and highest customers's satisfaction. We attempt to expand our business and market to international automotive sector.

Press formed parts, Die Shop, Power Press Hydraulics, etc.

The Cold Roll Forming line, stretch bending machine and facilities, confection facilities and spot welding fixtures, etc.

Some of the required machinery has been supplied by company’s permanent partners in Germany and South Korea, according to a detailed customized order by us.


 -  20 m/Min without seam welding
 -  12 m/Min with seam welding
 -  Adjustable cut to length line
 -  CNC stretch bending universal Machine
 -  Quick die-set change
 -  Prototyping
 -  Adjustable feed speed
 -  Separate programable towers
 Customer PPM  < 50 ppm
 OTD  100%
 -  Thickness range: 0.3 - 2 mm
 -  Material rang mainly includes: Aluminum extruded profiles (for 3D stretch bending only),
   Stainless Steel, Mild steel (with or without coating) of different grades, etc.
 Tolerance  +- 0.5 mm in 3D Form
 bending angle
 1 degree
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